Agile Retrospectives for Jira

Vote on the ideas, encourage discussion and keep your team engaged

Seamless, simple, fun, colorful, productive remote Agile Retrospectives sessions

Invite Teams

Invite Teams

Quickly invite all of your team members with just one click on the Teams option of Agile Retrospectives for Jira. These are the teams you have created in the AgileBox app.

Various of Templates

Discover various templates we provided in the Templates setting, including DAKI, Mountain Climber, SWOT Analyst, and more. Choose the most appropriate template for your team or change it every meeting to make the meeting more interesting.
Various Templates
Realtime Discussion

Realtime Discussion

When entering the Discussion step after the Vote step, for each group created, you can discuss with your team in real-time by typing messages into the Chat box on the right.

Add Issues

Easily adding the issues to your project during the Discussion step without changing to any window. Just click on the Add Issue button on the bottom right. This could help teams have the best experience when using Agile Retrospective for Jira.
Add Issues
Summary Screen

Detailed Summary

All of the details of your meeting will be shown on one Overview board, including Reflections, Groups, Participants and New Issues. Teams can easily catch up with all the information in the meeting and store it for later use.

Boost your teamwork with AgileBox

Smooth Planning
Help Teams breeze through the planning process. Estimate tasks, find common ground, and craft practical sprint plans effortlessly. It’s the perfect start for smoother project journeys!
Effective Retrospectives
Where teams reflect on past sprints, identify what went well, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Turn retrospectives into actionable steps for continuous growth.
Reflective Insights
Gather around, share insights, and shape the future of your projects together. It’s like having a friendly chat that leads to big improvements!
Daily Sync-Ups
Share updates, tackle hurdles, and keep everyone in the loop with ease. It’s your daily dose of teamwork, served with a smile!

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