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Manage product backlog in Agile more effectively with Planning Poker for Jira. AgileBox is a toolbox that offers solutions for various aspects of Agile methodologies.

Solution for Product Owner

How AgileBox manage product backlog in Agile effectively?

Analyze team estimates and priorities effectively

Reflects the most valuable and feasible tasks

Better understanding between Product Owner & Team

Aligning product vision with execution

Product Owner

The Product Owner’s primary challenge is creating and prioritizing the product backlog, making tough decisions on what features will be cut in the next sprint. They must constantly balance the customers’ needs, the development team’s capabilities, and the product’s long-term vision.

Let’s discover AgileBox’s solution for Product Owners!

Product Owner

What is AgileBox’s solution for Product Owners?

Estimate and discuss seamlessly

Navigating backlog management

AgileBox is a tool for managing and prioritizing the product backlog in Agile, helping Product Owners make informed decisions about what features to include or defer in upcoming sprints.

Estimate and discuss seamlessly

AgileBox facilitates the estimation process and ongoing discussion, making it more efficient. Product owners and teams can estimate the complexity of the task then immediately discuss it and make transparent decisions.

Navigating Backlog Management
Real-time Backlog Tracking

Real-time backlog tracking

AgileBox provides real-time tracking of the backlog, allowing Product Owners to make informed decisions based on the latest team inputs and project status.

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