Daily Standup for Jira

Team daily report, keep team on the same page literally

Automate your daily standup, keep all the meeting records for future reference

Schedule daily standup meeting

Automate Daily Standup

Schedule meetings for a routine. Easily schedule meetings for your team on a daily or weekly basis, depending on your needs.

Browse Standup History

Keep all the meeting records for future reference. Browse through previous meetings and track the progress of your team over time. Identify areas of improvement and track your team’s progress toward your project goals.

Browse standup history
Report Quick and Easy

Report Quick and Easy

Your team can easily report in the form by answering the questions which are created in the meeting setup. These questions could be changed at any time without creating a new meeting.

Get the related Issues

By attaching issues to your answers in the report form, your team can easily catch up with which task you mention and your progress with it.

Get the related issues
Team daily report, keep team on the same page
with Daily Standup for Jira
by AgileBox

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