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Why should you choose AgileBox?

Lack of Engagement in Planning Processes

Increase productivity and efficiency

Streamline story estimating and improve remote collaboration, reducing project planning time.

Inefficient Story Estimation

Enhanced team morale

AgileBox’s engaging nature boosts team morale and creativity, resulting in innovative solutions.

Remote Collaboration Difficulties

Better decision making

More effective planning sessions and decision-making aligned with project goals.

Planning Poker in Jira

Enhanced Story Estimation with Planning Poker

Planning Poker feature streamlines the story estimation process. It enables real-time and consensus estimates in a virtual environment, facilitating better alignment between remote teams.

Improve team collaboration with Retrospectives

AgileBox offers a variety of Retrospective templates that help teams effectively reflect on past sprints and develop actionable plans to improve overall project results.

Retrospectives in Jira
Daily Standup in Jira

Daily Standup is more effective

The Daily Standup feature in AgileBox fostered better communication, ensuring that daily progress was tracked efficiently and aligned with project goals.

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