Daily Standup for Jira

Team daily report, keep team on the same page literally

Automate your daily standup, keep all the meeting records for future reference

Automate Daily Standup

Automate Daily Standup

Daily Standup for Jira helps schedule meetings for a routine. Streamline your routine with ease by effortlessly scheduling daily or weekly meetings for your team, tailored to your unique needs.

Browser Standup History

Keep all your meeting records for future reference and gain valuable insights by reviewing previous meetings. Track your team’s progress over time, spot areas for improvement, and witness the remarkable strides towards your project goals.

Browser Standup History
Report Quick and Easy

Report Quick and Easy

Empower your team with seamless reporting through our user-friendly form! Effortlessly answer the questions created during meeting setup, ensuring smooth communication and data collection. The best part? You have the flexibility to modify these questions anytime, without the need to create a new meeting.

Get the related Issues

By attaching issues to your answers in the report form, you provide valuable context to your tasks, making it a breeze for your team to catch up on the status and progress. No more confusion or delays – stay connected and collaborate seamlessly to achieve remarkable results.

Get the related Issues

Boost your teamwork with AgileBox

Smooth Planning
Help Teams breeze through the planning process. Estimate tasks, find common ground, and craft practical sprint plans effortlessly. It’s the perfect start for smoother project journeys!
Effective Retrospectives
Where teams reflect on past sprints, identify what went well, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Turn retrospectives into actionable steps for continuous growth.
Reflective Insights
Gather around, share insights, and shape the future of your projects together. It’s like having a friendly chat that leads to big improvements!
Daily Sync-Ups
Share updates, tackle hurdles, and keep everyone in the loop with ease. It’s your daily dose of teamwork, served with a smile!

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