Planning Poker for Jira

Agile planning poker to estimate your product backlog

Estimation can be Fun and Effective with the right tool like Planning Poker

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Choose Suitable Deck

With the Fibonacci sequence and T-Shirt size deck, teams could choose the most suitable deck for estimation. We also support Custom Deck which provides teams the option to decide the value of each card based on your team’s needs.

Schedule Games & Invite Teams

The Schedule feature allows the product owner to schedule the Scrum Poker sessions in advance, which saves time and ensures that the team is prepared for the session. Besides, you can quickly invite your entire team or just some specific members with the available options.

Create sprint

Create Sprint

This provides a clear plan for the development team, enabling them to begin work immediately after the completion of the estimation session. It also ensures that the work is properly prioritized, with the most critical and high-priority items at the top of the backlog.

Live Chat Supported

With a very convenient live chat function integrated, team members can easily communicate with each other without switching to another app. This allows team members to communicate in real time during estimation sessions, leading to more efficient and effective collaboration.

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Estimate story point Fun and Effectively
with Planning Poker for Jira
by AgileBox

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