Planning Poker for Jira

Agile planning poker to estimate your product backlog

Estimation can be Fun and Effective with the right tool like Planning Poker

Support many planning poker template

Select different templates for your meeting

You can pick from a bunch of cool templates to make your discussions way more fun and effective. Let’s make every meeting count!

Schedule Smarter with AgileBox

The Schedule feature allows the product owner to schedule the Scrum Poker sessions in advance, which saves time and ensures that the team is prepared for the session
Schedule Smarter with AgileBox
Create Sprint

Create Sprint

You can jump straight into action after our estimation session, knowing exactly what needs to be done. Plus, we’ve got the most important tasks right at the top of the list for extra focus!

Live Chat with Your Teammates

Keep the conversation flowing without juggling multiple apps! Now, team members can chat in real-time during estimation sessions, making teamwork smoother and more fun!
Live Chat with Your Teammates

Boost your teamwork with AgileBox

Smooth Planning
Help Teams breeze through the planning process. Estimate tasks, find common ground, and craft practical sprint plans effortlessly. It’s the perfect start for smoother project journeys!
Effective Retrospectives
Where teams reflect on past sprints, identify what went well, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Turn retrospectives into actionable steps for continuous growth.
Reflective Insights
Gather around, share insights, and shape the future of your projects together. It’s like having a friendly chat that leads to big improvements!
Daily Sync-Ups
Share updates, tackle hurdles, and keep everyone in the loop with ease. It’s your daily dose of teamwork, served with a smile!

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