Benefits of Planning Poker: Enhance Team Collaboration and Communication

Benefits of Planning Poker_ Enhance Team Collaboration & Communication

Planning poker is a technique for estimating the effort and complexity of software development tasks. It is based on the idea that multiple perspectives can lead to more accurate and realistic estimates than individual opinions. In this section, we will discuss the benefits of planning poker and how it can improve the quality and efficiency of software projects.

Definition of planning poker

Planning Poker is like a game that helps a team figure out how long it will take to do different tasks in a project. Everyone on the team gets cards with numbers on them. These numbers show how hard or how much work a task is.

Then, the team talks about a task, and each person picks a card with their guess for how hard it is. They keep their guesses secret at first. When everyone is ready, they show their cards. 

If the guesses are different, they talk about why and do it again until most people agree on the same number. This helps the team make better guesses about how long the project will take and how much work is needed for each part.

Benefits of planning poker

Planning poker is a consensus-based estimation technique that has many benefits, including:

Collaboration and team building

Planning Poker is like a teamwork game where everyone in a project works together to guess how long things will take. This helps the team become closer and understand each other better.

So, one big benefit is that it makes the team stronger and more united, just like when you play games with your friends to have fun and learn together.

team collaboration and communication

Consensus-based estimation

Scrum Poker is a game where a team tries to agree on how much work different tasks will take. It’s like when your family decides what movie to watch and everyone has to agree. 

This way, everyone in the team has a say, and they work together to make good decisions about the project.

Ownership culture

This game is where the team decides together how long tasks will take. This makes everyone feel like they own a part of the project, just like when you and your friends build something cool together, and you all feel proud of it. 

So, it creates a feeling that the project belongs to everyone, which is a great thing!

Credibility with stakeholders

Planning Poker is where a team makes careful guesses about how long things will take. When they do this, they can tell other people, like their boss or customers, exactly when the project will be done. 

This makes the team look very trustworthy and reliable, just like when you promise your friend you’ll finish your homework on time, and you do it. So, it helps the team gain credibility with important people.

Improved accuracy

This is a game where a team gets better at guessing how much work things need. It’s like practicing a game to get better at it. 

So, they become good at saying how long a project will take, and that’s super helpful!

Equal participation

Planning Poker helps everyone on the team get a chance to say how much work they think something needs. It’s like making sure every friend in your group gets a turn to talk and share their ideas. 

This way, no one feels left out, and everyone helps decide together. So, it’s fair and equal for everyone!

Avoiding bias

Everyone’s opinion counts the same in planning poker. It’s like when you and your friends pick a game to play, and nobody’s favorite game is more important than others. 

This helps to make sure that nobody’s ideas or guesses are more important than the rest, so it’s fair for everyone.


Everyone can see and understand how decisions are made in Scrum Poker. It’s like when you play a game with clear rules that everyone knows, so nobody is confused. 

This helps make sure everyone knows what’s happening and why, which is important for a team.

Morale boost

Scrum Poker is a fun game for a team where everyone’s ideas are important. It’s like playing a game and cheering when your team wins. 

This makes everyone feel happy and motivated to work together. So, it gives a morale boost to the team!

Planning Poker in Jira

Planning poker works in Jira by using an app that integrates with the Jira platform and allows teams to estimate their work in a fun and interactive way. Different apps offer planning poker functionality for Jira, and for us, AgileBox is one of the best.

planning poker for jira

The planning poker for Jira feature of AgileBox is a powerful and fun way to improve planning and estimation ceremonies for remote teams. It allows teams to import issues from Jira, invite participants, customize their estimation scale and cards, play agile poker, discuss the results, and update Jira issues.

Learn more about AgileBox here: Agile Planning Poker, Retrospectives, Daily Standup for Jira

Key Takeaway

Planning Poker is a collaborative and consensus-based estimation technique that offers several benefits to teams and projects. It enhances team collaboration and communication, fosters a sense of ownership, builds credibility with stakeholders, improves estimation accuracy, ensures equal participation, avoids bias, promotes transparency, and boosts team morale. It’s a valuable tool for effective project planning and execution, especially when integrated with tools like AgileBox for Jira to facilitate remote team collaboration.

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