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Daily Standup

The daily standup, or the daily scrum, is a short, daily meeting that agile teams hold to discuss progress and identify blockers. It is a key part of the scrum framework, and it helps teams stay aligned and on track.

The daily standup typically follows a set structure:

  • What did I do yesterday? Each team member shares what they worked on the day before.
  • What will I do today? Each team member shares what they plan to work on that day.
  • What are my blockers? Each team member shares any obstacles that are preventing them from making progress.

The standup should be no longer than 15 minutes and be held at the same time and place every day. This helps to keep the meeting focused and productive.


AgileBox is a Jira tool plugin that provides a variety of features to help agile teams plan, collaborate, and track their progress. These features include planning poker, retrospectives, daily standups, and team health checks.

The Daily Standup feature by AgileBox is integrated with Jira, so teams can easily log their progress and blockers directly from Jira. The feature also provides a visual representation of the team’s progress, which can help teams to stay aligned and on track.

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Benefits of Daily Standup

Here are some of the benefits of daily standups:

Benefits of Daily Standup
  • Transparency and Alignment. Daily Standups promote transparency by enabling team members to openly share their progress, challenges, and plans. This ensures a shared understanding of project status and goals, aligning everyone towards the same objectives.
  • Accountability and Ownership. Daily reporting of progress and commitments fosters individual accountability and ownership. Team members are motivated to fulfill their responsibilities and deliver on their commitments, knowing their peers rely on them.
  • Issue Identification. They identify and resolve obstacles promptly, ensuring project progress. Team members collaborate and address concerns, dependencies, and bottlenecks, preventing delays and keeping the team on track.
  • Time Efficiency. Time-boxed Standup meetings enable focused discussions in a short timeframe. Concise updates allow team members to share information and address immediate concerns swiftly, saving valuable time and ensuring an efficient meeting.
  • Continuous Improvement. Regular Standups foster process reflection and improvement. The team discusses successes and areas for growth, collectively learning from experiences to make continuous adjustments. This feedback loop enhances efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Team Engagement. Daily Standups enhance team engagement, morale, and unity. By gathering daily, team members connect, share information, and support one another, strengthening bonds and creating a positive, engaged environment.

By leveraging these advantages, Agile teams can enhance their communication, collaboration, and overall performance.

How to create a Daily Standup with AgileBox

Here are the steps to create a Daily Standup for Jira with AgileBox

Step 1: Download AgileBox & access the Daily Standup feature

Download AgileBox from Atlassian Marketplace and access the feature.

Step 1 Download AgileBox access the Daily Standup feature

Step 2: Create a new Daily Standup

Create a new daily standup by filling in the required fields including Standup name, Date and time, and participants.

Step 2 Create a new Daily Standup

The admin can also edit, add or remove the standup questions.

Step 3: Start a Daily Standup

You can start your standup meeting by simply answering the questions in the form, then clicking on the Submit button.

Step 3 Start a Daily Standup

To edit your answers, just click on the Edit button.

Step 4: View your meeting history

By choosing the date on the right box, you can see your own meeting history.

Step 4 View your meeting history

Step 5: View your team reports

You can see your team report by clicking on the Team Reports button

Step 5 View your team reports

Sum Up

Daily Standup is a vital practice within the Agile framework that promotes alignment, transparency, and collaboration among team members. The benefits of Daily Standup meetings, such as transparency, accountability, issue identification, time efficiency, continuous improvement, and team engagement, contribute to enhanced communication, productivity, and overall team performance. By following the steps provided, teams can effectively implement the Daily Standup using AgileBox, enabling efficient progress tracking and fostering a positive and engaged team environment.

Watch this video for more details and instructions:

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