Planning Poker for Jira | The best tool estimating for Agile Projects 

Planning Poker for Jira

Discover how AgileBox’s intuitive Planning Poker feature for Jira revolutionizes sprint planning, enabling teams to deliver precise estimates and boost productivity seamlessly. Explore the transformative power of collaborative consensus with us!

What is Planning Poker?

Planning Poker functions as an interactive game. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the estimation of the necessary time and effort that various tasks within a project will demand. 

In this engaging activity, each participant will get a card which they use to represent their estimate of the duration and approach necessary for the task at hand. Then gather in a group setting to present and thoroughly discuss the reasoning behind their individual estimates. 

This process of estimation, presentation, and discussion is performed multiple times. It is through these repeated cycles that the team gradually converges towards a mutual understanding and agreement on the anticipated duration and effort necessary. Therefore created a decision-making framework for the project’s timeline and resource allocation.

Planning Poker for Agile Projects

Why is accurate estimating for Agile projects important?

Understanding the necessity for accurate estimation in Agile projects is important for the success of any Agile team. Agile estimation goes beyond simply guessing how long it will take to complete tasks, it’s a systematic approach to forecasting the effort required for each item in the product backlog. 

Agile estimation fosters close coordination, particularly when multiple user stories are interdependent. For example, if one task is projected to take two weeks and another four weeks, and both are intricately linked. Accurate estimations ensure that both are completed in harmony, maintaining seamless workflow and team coordination.

With precise estimation, teams can plan sprints with greater precision, ensuring that time-boxes are optimized and every task is aligned with project timelines. Therefore, teams can deliver quality software on schedule, safeguarding the project from budget and timeline overruns. 

Best tool Estimating for Agile Projects

Incorporating Agile estimation techniques, such as those facilitated by AgileBox’s Planning Poker for Jira, is not just beneficial, it’s essential for the Agile project’s success.

The advantages of using Planning Poker for Agile teams

Planning Poker for Jira helps Agile teams enhance their effort estimation process, there are some advantages:

This engaging tool combines the Scrum methodology with the interactivity of a game. By turning estimation into a poker game, it fosters a fun atmosphere. The teams are motivated to contribute their best, leading to faster and more precise estimations.  

When a team collectively deliberates and agrees on an estimate, the sense of joint responsibility for completing the task within these parameters is heightened. This shared ownership is crucial for team cohesion and project success.

As a highly engaging activity, it necessitates active contributions from all participants. Gives every team member an equal opportunity to voice their estimates. This not only helps in integrating into the conversation but also ensures a diverse range of perspectives, leading to improved team dynamics. Therefore potentially optimized solutions from different members.

Incorporating Planning Poker into Jira not only streamlines the estimation process but also enhances the overall teamwork and project management experience. It’s a strategy that not only aligns with Agile principles but also leverages them to create a more unified and efficient team environment.

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How does Planning Poker for Jira work?

Planning Poker for Jira Tool

Integration with Jira Workflows

Planning Poker for Jira is not merely a plugin, it’s a harmonious extension of Jira’s capabilities. AgileBox’s version of Planning Poker seamlessly blends into the Jira environment, making it a natural part of the Agile workflow. 

Through this integration, the process of Planning Poker becomes an effortless transition from task creation to estimation. The teams can directly create user stories, backlog items, or tasks within Jira and immediately move into the estimation phase without leaving the platform. 

This integration ensures that all the estimates and discussions are directly linked to the relevant work items. Such integration is key to preserving the continuity of the planning activity, streamlining the Agile process, and enhancing efficiency.

Interactive Estimation Sessions

AgileBox transforms Planning Poker into an engaging and interactive session within Jira. Teams can initiate Planning Poker sessions with ease, inviting participants to a virtual table where they can deliberate on story points. The app facilitates the import of Jira issues into the estimation session, where everyone can discuss and use custom card decks to vote on the effort required. This approach not only makes the estimation process enjoyable but also encourages active participation, and collect idea of the team for accurate forecasting.

Real-time Tracking and Reporting

Once the Planning Poker session is completed, the results are not lost, they are instantly recorded back into Jira. This allows for real-time tracking of estimations and transparent visualization of how story points are distributed across the project. It ensures that the Planning Poker for Jira experience is not an individual event but a fully integrated part of the project management ecosystem.

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Planning Poker for Jira: AgileBox’s Approach

What is the AgileBox?

AgileBox is a suite of Agile tools for Jira, designed to revolutionize the way Agile teams estimate and prioritize their product backlog, conduct insightful retrospectives, manage daily stand-ups, and perform comprehensive team health analyses. Planning Poker for Jira, a standout feature of AgileBox, brings a dynamic and engaging approach to estimation tasks, facilitating teams in reaching a consensus with ease and efficiency.

The AgileBox Planning Poker for Jira

AgileBox elevates the Agile process to new heights of simplicity and productivity. It embodies a fun and colorful approach that keeps teams engaged and motivated. With AgileBox for Jira, teams are equipped with a powerful add-on that seamlessly integrates into their Jira workflow. It’s not just an enhancement but a complete transformation of the Agile experience within Jira.

The toolkit offered by AgileBox for Jira is comprehensive. It comes with visual boards for sprint planning, tools for conducting effective retrospectives, and functionalities that streamline daily stand-ups. AgileBox for Jira empowers teams to keep a finger on the pulse of their projects, tracking progress in real-time, swiftly identifying and addressing blockers, and continually refining workflows for peak performance.

Click here to install and try AgileBox: Agile Planning Poker, Retrospectives, Daily Standup for Jira

How to estimate for an Agile Project by AgileBox?

AgileBox Planning Poker feature provides a virtual planning poker for remote teams. Teams can participate in Planning Poker sessions without having to be in the same physical location. Each team member can join the session from their own computer or mobile device, and the facilitator can lead the session from a central location. During the session, team members will estimate the size of tasks using a virtual deck of cards. The facilitator can then review the estimates and assign tasks to the appropriate team members. Watch the video demo below about this feature:


AgileBox’s Planning Poker for Jira reimagines project estimation, fostering precision and team unity in Agile environments. This tool ensures that every team member’s voice contributes to consensus-based estimates, directly enhancing Jira workflows. It’s a game-changer for Jira-aligned Agile teams, providing a powerful, inclusive, and innovative approach to tackling project complexities and driving successful outcomes. AgileBox isn’t just a toolbox, it’s a catalyst for Agile excellence.

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