The newest release version 1.1.39-AC: Enhanced Agile Management in Jira | December 2023

AgileBox New Release

We are excited to announce the launch of the latest version 1.1.39-AC on the Atlassian Marketplace. This release marks a significant step forward in enhancing the capabilities of Agile teams using Jira. AgileBox has consistently played a pivotal role in streamlining project management processes, and this new version is set to refine further and improve the Agile management experience, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

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What’s New in Version 1.1.39-AC

Version 1.1.39-AC of AgileBox introduces a series of new features and enhancements specifically designed to boost the efficiency of Agile practices within Jira. 

New Feature

  • Default estimation field for new projects: This feature automates the setting of default estimate fields for new projects. It saves time and avoids showing errors when users are creating new projects.
  • Support cloning Retrospective Meetings: Teams can now duplicate settings from previous Retrospective Meetings, significantly saving on setup time. This ensures consistency across meetings and allows teams to maintain continuity in their retrospective analysis.
Support cloning Retrospective Meetings
Support cloning Retrospective Meetings
  • Support sorting for the Global Team Page: The addition of sorting capabilities to the Global Team Page enhances project visibility and management, especially when dealing with multiple projects. This feature aids in better organizing and accessing project information.
Sorting for the Global Team to enhance Agile Management
Support sorting for the Global Team Page


  • Improved UX in case the estimate field is empty

Bug fixes

  • User synchronization on submission failure
  • Loading issues when re-select option on FilterBox
  • Loading issues in old projects
  • Minor bug fixes in Planning Poker

These updates collectively contribute to a more streamlined and effective Agile management process, ensuring that teams can focus more on delivery and less on administrative tasks.

Release Note

Cloud 1.1.39-AC


The latest release of AgileBox, version 1.1.39-AC, brings significant benefits to Agile management in Jira. With features like default estimation fields, cloning of retrospective meetings, and enhanced sorting on the Global Team Page, it streamlines project setup, consistency, and visibility, enhancing overall efficiency. Users looking to upgrade or download this version can find it on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Let’s explore and adopt this new version of AgileBox. Your feedback is invaluable in shaping future updates and ensuring the tool continues to meet the evolving needs of Agile teams. Share your experiences and suggestions to help us enhance Agile management in Jira even further.

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